Thursday, December 17, 2009

A man is the sum of his experiences...

(The concept behind this little write up was a concept for a MUD that allowed players to progress through character creation over their entire span of their character. Age was somewhat akin to level. Possibly base level on time spent in game?)

Premise: My goal it to create an environment where “evil” is punished but more powerful. The obviously “right” path is good or neutral.

Offensive Stats

Defensive Stats

Other Stats
Luck (die size)
Experience (Based on level- static bonus)
Stamina (Used for travel & skill use)
Wounds (Soak up negative effects wounds before you have to suffer them)

Attack (Basic Physical) = Strength + Weapon Damage + Experience + Luck
Defense (Basic Physical) = Agility or Toughness + Armor Bonus + Experience + Luck

Attack (Magic Bolt) = Magic + Intelligence + Experience + Luck
Defense (Basic Physical) = Agility or Magic + Armor Bonus + Experience + Luck

Wound Chart (100%)
(1-25) Move at Half Speed (+5% to Wound Chart)
(26-50) Cut your Strength by 25% (+5% to Wound Chart)
(51-75) Cut your Toughness by 25% (+5% to Wound Chart)
(76-90) -50% of your max energy (+10% to Wound Chart)
(91-100) Death (Reset wounds chart)

Level 1: Race (Tutorial)
-Human (+ Experience)
-Half-Elf (+ Agility)
-Half-Dwarf (Toughness & + Wounds)

Level 2: Genetics (Youth)
-Brawny (+Strength & More Wounds)
-Thinker (+Intelligence x2)

Level 3: Deity (Preteen)
-God of the Land (Gain minor buffs on Land)
-Goddess of the Sea (Gain major buffs on Water)
-God of the Sun (Gain minor buffs during the day)
-Goddess of the Moon (Gain minor buffs during the night)
-Goddess of Twilight (Gain minor debuffs during twilight) [Tome required]

Level 4: Profession- Novice (Teen)
-Acolyte (Buffs from deity are increased) [Need tome of deity]
-Soldier (Access to better gear)
-Hopeful (Access to basic general magic spells)
-Gang Member (Access to stealing ability)
-Merchant (Discount at shops, bonus when selling)

Level 5: Profession- Journeyman (Young Adult)
-Priest (Buffs from deity are increased & Minor Divine Spells) [Acolyte Only]
-Cavalry (+Weapon damage with spears & + Move speed on horse) [Soldier Only]
-Duelist (+Weapon damage with swords & + Chance to avoid) [Soldier Only]
-Archer (+Weapon damage with bows & + chance to hit) [Soldier Only]
-Skirmisher (+Weapon damage with 2 weapons & + luck) [Soldier Only]
-Jr. Officer (+Experience & Passive Abilities ) [Soldier Only]
-Journeyman (Access to more general magic spells) [Hopeful Only]
-Forsaken (+Luck & + Magic) [Requires forbidden tomb, Hopeful Only]
-Gang Leader (Access to cronies) [Gang Member Only]
-Inventor (Access to recipes & a Lab)
-Trainer (Access to beast taming)

Level 6: Profession- Commission (Adult)
-Noble (Access to best gear & body guards) [Requires money]
Priest (Buffs from deity are increased & Minor Divine Spells) [Priest Only]
-Crusader (Buffs from deity are increased) [Priest or any Soldier Derived Class]
-Veteran (+Experience & Access to best gear) [Any soldier derived class except for Jr. Officer]
-Guardsmen (Access to best gear & town guard abilities) [Any soldier derived profession]
-Officer (+Experience & Aura Passive Abilities) [Jr. Officer Only]
-Pyromancer (Access to fire spells) [Journeyman Only]
-Aeromancy (Access to weather changing effects) [Journeyman Only]
-Gastromancy (Access to food based magic) [Journeyman Only]
-Conjurer (Access to summoning) [Journeyman Only]
-Chaos Mage (Access to powerful chaos magics) [Forsaken or Journeyman Only]
-Phagen (Access to powerful necrotic magics) [Forsaken or Journeyman Only, Requires Book of the Dead]
-Heretic (Access to powerful heretical demon summoning magics) [Priest, Journeymen, or Forsaken Only- Requires Demon Pact]

Level 6: Profession- Master (Older)
-Lord (Access to best body guards & Able to “Own” towns) [Noble Only)
-Knight (+Experience & +Movement Speed on Horse) [Noble, Crusader, Veteran, or Officer only]
-Chosen (Able to enter an avatar state) [High Priest & Crusader Only]
-Man-At-Arms (+ Weapon Damage, + Experience, & Access to best Gear) [Any soldier derived profession]
-Warlord (+Experience & Passive) [Officer Only]
-Master Mage (+ Experience & + Magic) [Pyromancer, Aeromancy Conjurer, and Gastromancer only]
-Lich (+ Experience & + Magic) [Phagen Only]
-Demon (Regeneration & + Magic) [Heretic Only]

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