Thursday, December 17, 2009

I AM the law

(This was just a few quick notes I had in my head a while back when examining less lethal alternatives for crowd control. The result was a prototype class for a traditional RPG. It lacks polish... or a game behind it ^^; )

Premise: An concept where the option exists to subdue instead of kill. Subduing has a different result.

Officer (Class)
The officer gains its ability over time, making it a great DPS if the situation calls for it.

-Command Presence (Influences target with your Command Presence. Aggressive targets gain Will and more passive targets loose Will via a LOS aura. Rate of gain/loss will be based on )
-Orders (Direct Will damaging effects)
-Soft Hands (If a person is low enough of Will then you can restrain them.)
-Takedown (A stun that provides Will-damage over time. The time is based on the difference be the target and the officer’s strength)
-Hard Hands (Increasing damage based on number of hits)
-Use of Force (Sudden DPS spike)
-Threat (Automatic warning. If the target is at low Will it damage their Will.)
-Deadly Force (High Burst damage every 30 sec)

(Time used in the following scenario is hypothetical)
-Command Presence (When combat starts)
-Order (On user use. 10 sec CD after that until the end of fight.)
-Soft Hands (30 sec later. 10 sec CD after that until end of fight.)
-Takedown (1 min into the fight.

Equipment (Example)
Telescopic Baton (No Command Presence gain)
Solid Baton (+Command Presence)
Badge (+Command Presence)
Uniform (+Command Presence)
Riot Gear (+ Defense, +Command Presence)
Civilian Clothing (No Command Presence Gain)

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