Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roll for a Crit + Other News
My friend and peer Caleb Aylsworth just started a design blog in a similar fashion to my own! He's got a lot of experience in pen and paper games and it's always a pleasure to work with him! His first two blog entries are on the validity of a sunder build for Pathfinder (placing a scaling element against a non-scaling element) and a variant of the Bard class! Check it out!

In other news I am currently working on putting the final touches on the campaign setting I've been play-testing for the last month or so just in time for the campaign playtest! Let's see how my single-class, feat driven, low-magic mechanics hold up against other designers over the long haul. I still need to re-tweak the design mechanics for the Mass Combat system it employs. (Mechanics are good actually- statistics I used where bad.)

Happy gaming!
Scott Gladstein

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