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Hissy Fit Kitty and Drow Mage Mashers

So I was making a character for my lovely girlfriend Sam for a D&D 3.5 1 shot my friend is running in a few weeks at the school and I found that she couldn't decide what she wanted to play. She's still new to this entire genre (I'm kinda sucking her in) and she doesn't really understand classes and combat roles very well (or at least she doesn't yet have enough experience to appreciate the differences between them) so I opted to try to fit a character to what she likes. We all know she's going to grow up to be a crazy cat lady and take in about 20 strays a week so I decided to request permission from the GM to make a awakened cat for her to play. When I told her this idea she was filled with excitement about the prospect (Note: I feel that's how a character SHOULD be). She wanted to play a cat and more specifically a cat like her cat Jade.

Now Jade has something of a split personality. Sometimes the heavy set black cat is purring and cuddely and a moment later without provocation (or with Sam's provocation...) Jade becomes "Bagjeera" (named for the panther in the Jungle Book). Something inside me suddenly saw her character class... Barbarian. Thus this character took shape. An awakened cat (using the stats found at: with 12 levels of Barbarian. (The GM gave it a -2 level adjustment.)

To make this a viable character for a 10th level game I had to do some tweeking. I got permission from my GM to take "Improved Natural Attack" on her claws as 4 of the feats so it would do a decent dice size for damage. (1d8) I took the multi-attack feat to reduce some of the penalties. The result wasn't TERRIBLE but it should be able to stand up to a 10th level encounter. (Equipment helped a lot. We have the standard 49,000 starting gold to for starting out at 10th level) The biggest problem was overcoming the -8 penalty to strength it had. I dropped 2/3 advancement points into it's strength score and I would have dropped the last into it but it was on an even number and Dexterity was at 19. (20 dex is nice...) I even blew money on a +4 to her strength and managed to drag it up to a -1. I hope she enjoys it!

Player: Samantha Ramsey

Character Name:

Race: Awakened Cat

Class: Barbarian 12

Creature Type: Magical Beast (Augmented Animal)

Size: Tiny

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Ability Scores:

11 Cha (+0)

09 Str (+0) [+4 from Collar]

20 Dex (+5) [+4 from Gloves]

10 Con (+0)

08 Int (-1)

12 Wis (+1)

HP: _____/106

(+24 if in rage!)

AC: 20

(10, +5 from dex, +2 from size, +4 from Bracers)

BAB: +12/+7/+2


1d8-1 (+2 if in rage.) You can attack with your claw. (+14 to hit)

1d8-1 (+0 if in rage.) You can then attack with your second claw. (+12 to hit)

1d3-1 (+0 while in rage.) Finally, you can bite them! (+12 to hit.)


Fort: +7 (+10 if in rage)

Ref: +3

Will: +3 (+6 if in rage)

Speed: 40 feet! (You can move 8 squares per turn!)


-Dark Vision: You can see perfectly well in the dark for 60 Feet.

-Low Light Vision: You can see perfectly fine in low light as far as you can see.

-Scent: You can detect invisible enemies.

-Illiteracy: You can't read.

-Rage: 4 times per day you gain +6 strength, +6 constitution, +2 to Will Saves, but you take -2 to AC.

You gain 24 extra HP temporarily. (Basically when you end you loose that 24 HP. You can die this way if you are not careful!) This lasts for 5 rounds.

[For those more skilled I added a all the stuff in for her.]

When you're all done raging you get really tired and are “Fatigued”. A “Fatigued” character gets -2 strength and -2 dexterity until the fight ends. You can only rage once per fight.

Uncanny Dodge/Improved Uncanny Dodge: If anyone ever says “well that means you loose your dexterity bonus” just say “No! I have Improved uncanny dodge!”. Also- generally sneak attacks don't work on you because your so bad ass.

Trap Sense: When looking for traps you get an extra +4 to your roll!

Damage Reduction: Subtract 2 from all damage you take unless the GM says otherwise!


+12 Ranks in Jump* (+8 Racial) (+5 from Dex)= +25

+12 Ranks in Climb* (+4 Racial) (+5 from Dex)= +21

+0 Ranks in Balance (+8 Racial) (+5 from Dex)= +13

+0 Ranks in Hide (+4 Racial/+8 in tall grass and undergrowth) (+5 from Dex)= +9/+13

+12 Ranks in Intimidate (+0 Racial) (+0 from Cha)= +12

+10 Ranks in Survival (+0 Racial) (+1 from Wis)= +11

+10 Ranks in Listen (+0 Racial) (+1 from Wis)= +11

+0 Ranks in Move Silently (+4 Racial) (+5 from Dex)= +9

*You may use you Dexterity modifier instead of strength on these checks.


Bracers of Armor [+4 Armor] (16,000) (Appears as bangle on her front paws)

Belt of Ogre's Strength [+4 Strength] (16,000) (Appears as a thick leather collar)

Gloves of Dexterity [+4 Dexterity] (16,000) (Appears as kitten mittens on her front paws)

1,000 gold left

Scott's Notes:

Feats (5):

-Improved Natural Attack [General] (1d2->1d3)

-Improved Natural Attack [General] (1d3->1d4)

-Improved Natural Attack [General] (1d4->1d6)

-Improved Natural Attack [General] (1d6-1d8)


-Weapon Finesse (From Awakened Cat) It's calculated in but you are using your dexterity to hit the target with your melee attacks rather than your strength like you normally would!

Awakened cats have a +4 racial bonus on Climb, Hide, and Move Silently checks and a +8 racial bonus on Jump checks. In areas of tall grass or heavy undergrowth, the Hide bonus rises to +8. Awakened cats have a +8 racial bonus on Balance checks. They use their Dexterity modifier instead of their Strength modifier for Climb and Jump checks.

[2 Ability score increases went into Strength, 1 to Dexterity]

[This character had 56 skill points]

[This character had 49,000 gold to spend]

*Note: I tried to make this sheet "newbie friendly" by not giving her the mechanics so much as the effect. Sorry if I didn't show all the work.

On a related note, I made my Drow for the game next week. I managed to pull together a decent anti-mage out of a Drow Hexblade. (+38 Spell resistance, +23 to Will Saves vs enchantments, ect ect ect) I'll post that up after the game but it's a real "Mage Masher" :D

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