Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pure Skill Check D20 System

Just a little idea bumping around my head and preventing me from sleeping.


Pure Skill Check d20 System

All stats are:

Skill Ranks + Ability Modifier + Equipment Bonus + Feat Bonuses

“Combat Experience” uses the same skill ranks for 2 different skill checks.

Offensive Combat

Combat Experience+ Strength + Weapon (+5 to check)

Defensive Combat

Combat Experience + Dexterity + Armor (+1-+3 to check) + Shield (+1-+3 to check)

To attack someone you roll 1d20 + “Offensive Combat” vs your target's “Defensive Combat” + 10. If you get higher you hit. The amount you succeeded by is the damage you deal them.

Magic is a skill check to cast the spell vs. the target's pure Defensive Combat (not +10) or the target's Magic (with the +10) if they have the feat “Counter Spell”.

Max Ranks

-You can only put ranks into a skill equal to or less than your character level.

-Other bonuses (ability modifiers, equipment bonuses, feat bonuses, misc bonuses) can give you a larger bonus than your level.

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