Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sword & Fist Feats

Hay guys! I just got my hands on a copy of Sword & Fist and I converted a few of the feats over from it to Pathfinder for my own setting (if you are unfamiliar with it just ignore the "Blessed" requirement). I wasn't exactly psyched about a LOT of the feats but a few where amusing/useful enough to provoke me to convert them over. Even a few class abilities made it in there as feats. I also added "Guarded Shot" on my own volition. (Allows ranged characters to fire with an enemy adjacent without provoking an attack of opportunity) Tell me what you think!

Monkey Grip

BAB +3, Weapon Focus with the appropriate weapon, Str +16

You can use a two-handed melee weapon with which you have taken Weapon Focus in using only one hand to wield it. You get a -8 penalty when using this. This penalty is reduced by your strength modifier. You may take this multiple times. Each time you take this it applies to a different weapon.

Dirty Fighting

BAB +3

Any damage dealt during a surprise round or to a target who has not acted yet is increased by 1d6.


BAB +3, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot

You gain a +2 bonus to your ranged attack rolls made to hit targets with partial cover. This feat has no effect against targets without any cover.

Zen Archery

BAB +3, Wis +13, Blessed

The character can use half her Wisdom modifier instead of her Dexterity Modifier when making a range attack at a target inside of 30 feet.

Defender of God

BAB +9, Blessed

A character with this feat may elect to place himself in the path of danger in order to protect his charge charge. Any time during your turn you can designate one person as your charge as a free action. Any time you are within 5 feet of your charge and your charge suffers an attack, you may switch places. You must declare this before the attack roll is made. Using this consumes an attack of opportunity.


BAB +6

If a character with this feat delays his attack until after they are attacked this round, he takes advantage of the opening and can add a +2 bonus to his attack and damage rolls. This only applies if you delay your action until you are hit in melee.

Guarded Shot

BAB +6, Weapon Focus with the appropriate weapon

You can shoot defensibly with a ranged weapon you have taken weapon focus in. Doing so does not provoke an attack of opportunity from adjacent targets. Normally, firing a ranged weapon provokes an attack of opportunity. This shot has a -2 to hit .

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