Monday, June 7, 2010

Gun Mechanics (Low Fantasy Setting)

((This is not free for use. This is copyright Scott Gladstein 2010. It's part of the setting I'm working on. It will eventually be released under the OGL with the Low Fantasy setting I'm working on.))

New Weapons

Simple Weapons Cost Dmg(S)Dmg(M) Crit Range Weight Type Special

One-Handed Melee

Gun Club --- 1d4 1d6 20x2 - - B -

Martial Weapons

One-Handed Melee

Sabre 20gp 1d4 1d6 18-20x2 - 2lbs S -


Bayonet 20gp 1d4 1d6 19-20x2 - 3lbs P -

Exotic Weapons

One-Handed Melee

Painted Sword --- 1d6 1d8 18-20x2 - 10lbs S -

Ranged Weapons

Mousquet 900gp 2d8 2d10 20x4 210ft 50lbs P Firearm

Pistolet 600gp 2d6 2d8 20x3 110ft 25lbs P Firearm

Ball, Lead 1gp

Espingole 1000gp1d6 1d8 20x3 20ft* 55lbs P Firearm

Shot, Improvised 5gp 1d3 1d6 - - - - Overrides Espingole profile

Dragoon 900gp 1d4 1d6 20x2 10ft* 25lbs P Firearm, Reload on Horseback

Shot, Lead 5gp


Painted Swords

A painted sword is an exotic weapon passed down by a family to denote the lineage of a particular clan. It is normally in the possession of the clan's Elder but is often gifted to strong warriors for a time before a war. The weapon itself is generally a single edged saber like weapon though there is no exact unified design. They have some similarities however as they are all expected to be wielded in one hand as they are used in duels and a two handed weapon is decidedly not regarded as being “fair”. They are slashing weapons- though they may additionally be piercing weapons all have the ability to slash. In any event the sword is a sight to behold no matter what it's construction is. A Painted Sword is decorated excessively with iconography depicting the clan's exploits, trophies hang around the handle by thick cords of leather and the blade itself is often etched with vivid depictions of important events in the clan's history. Only positive markers are allowed on the sword, it is believed to invite good luck and favor from the clan's ancestors who have passed on and are now joined with the Divine Father. Tragic or sad events are believed to invite doom on the user as it angers the spirits. The greatest honor for a member of a clan is to have their name inscribed on the blade. Legend has it that anyone who's name is inscribed on the clan's Painted Sword will protect them from the afterlife.


Reloading a firearm takes 2 move actions. They do not have to be consecutive. If you posses the “rapid reload” feat this is reduced to a single move action. A firearm may not be reloaded while mounted (except for the Dragoon). Firearms can not deal non-lethal damage (except with the Warning Shot feat). Rolling a critical failure (natural 1 on an attack roll) will result in the weapon backfiring, dealing 1d6 damage (1d4 for small) to the user and rendering the weapon useless. A Masterwork firearm will never backfire. A firearm can be used as a “gun club” and it takes no time to convert it. If you posses a bayonet it takes a swift action to equip it. While a bayonet is equipped one can not fire the gun or reload it, the bayonet interferes with the barrel itself. A bayonet may only be equipped to a Mousquet, or Pistolet. Characters from Hassard are automatically considered to be proficient with Firearms.

Meticulous maintenance is required to maintain a firearm. Failure to clean and prep it in the morning (an action that takes about 20 minuets) will result in it backfiring on a roll of 1+ the number of days left un-maintained. A gun cleaning kit (100gp) will reduce this time by 10 minutes.

All feats that apply to bows/crossbows/raged weapons applies to firearms with the exception of the Rapid Shot and Many Shot feats.

Mousquet (Firearm)

In Hassard the “Mousquet” (or “Musket”) is a smooth-bore firearm developed and approved by the Academic Court for military use. Rarely found outside of Hassard and primarily issued to military specially trained units- a Mousquet is an feared the world over as a deadly and effective weapon. Meticulous maintenance is required to maintain them. A Mousquet that is properly maintained with a gun cleaning kit that day has no chance to backfire.


Designed to be fired once and switched out for another (or used as a club) the Pistolet is the favored firearm of officers. While not as powerful as the Mousquet it has earned it's place in the heart of officers and pirates alike for it's “use it and loose it” role. Many combatants will enter combat strapped with several loaded Pistolets and fire them only to disregard them when they are spent. Designed as a companion to the Mousquet- the Academic Court has approved them for both military and civilian use when properly trained. A Pistolet may be wielded in one hand with a -4 penelty.


When the request came in to design a firearm with the ability to stop a charge the Academic Court's answer was to commission master gun-smiths to craft a weapon that sent a spray of small led balls at an opponent. The Espingole was the result. Rugged and deadly, there is nothing else like it on the battlefield. It is capable of spraying a 20ft cone with small balls of led called “shot”. (Keep in mind, a cone-shaped effect shoots away from you in a quartercircle in the direction you designate. It starts from any corner of your square and widens out as it goes. These type of shots don't go around corners.) Espingole is capable of firing a wide verity of ammunition- even improvised ammunition in a pinch. Silverware, gravel, stones, bones, whatever is at hand can be fired from an Espingole in a tight situation. Doing so uses the “Shot, Improvised” profile and the backfire chance is increased by 5. (If maintained it will backfire on a 6 or higher)


Designed with the cavalry officer in mind, this weapon has a wide, flared muzzle, making it a good deal easier to reload on a horseback. Normally a firearm is unable to be reloaded on a horseback but due to the design- a Dragoon is. A dragoon showers an area with a 10 foot cone of shot and can halt all but the most determined attackers. (Keep in mind, a cone-shaped effect shoots away from you in a quartercircle in the direction you designate. It starts from any corner of your square and widens out as it goes. These type of shots don't go around corners.)


Painted Sword Proficiency

Requirements: Own your family's Painted Sword

If you posses the Painted Sword of your family you are now treated as being proficient in it and treat it as a masterwork weapon. Please note that you are not treated as being proficient in ALL Painted Swords, only the one your family has produced. This is due to the exotic and varying nature of the swords. One could look much like a long sword while another could more closely resemble a hand spear or even a rapier.

Painted Sword Mastery

Requirements: Painted Sword Proficiency, +6 BAB

If you posses the Painted Sword of your family it's damage increases to 1d10 (1d8 for small) and it's critical multiplier increases to x3. This only applies to your family's specific Painted Sword.

Warning Shot

Requirements: Weapon Focus Fireamrs, +6 BAB

You may deal non-lethal damage with firearms.


Requirements: Weapon Focus Firearms, +6 BAB

If you roll a backfire with a firearm, roll again. If the new roll would not have backfired- the gun does not backfire.


Requirements: Weapon Focus Fireamrs, +6 BAB

You may wield a Pistolet in one hand with no penalty or a Dragoon one handed with a -4 penalty.


Requirements: Weapon Focus Fireamrs, +9 BAB

You may wield a Dragoon in one hand with no penalty.


Requirements: Weapon Focus Firearms, Critical Focus

If you critically hit an opponent with a firearm you may forgo damage (declare before you roll damage) and immediately make a Diplomacy or Intimidate check at a bonus equal to the damage you would have dealt. This Diplomacy or Intimidate check may only be used to stop combat.

Tonnerre Tracteur Blindé (Thundering Dragon)

Requirements: Weapon Focus Firearms, Critical Focus, +9 BAB

If you critically hit an opponent with a firearm it lets out a cacophonous roar that can shake a man to his grave. The weapon deals an extra 1d8 points of sonic damage on a successful critical

hit. If the weapon’s critical multiplier is ×4, add an extra 2d8 points of sonic damage instead. Subjects dealt critical hits by a character with this feat must make a DC 14 Fortitude save or be deafened permanently.


  1. Your musket weighs way too much. On the norm, they weighed somewhere between 5 to 10 pounds. That is, unless you were planning on going the route of a hand cannon, but then it should be doing more along the lines of 4d6 damage than 2d8.

    Same for the pistol. If pistols truly weighed 25 pounds, no one would be able to use them.

  2. For Warning Shot, what is your justification for a firearm dealing non-lethal damage? I would think something along these lines might give a bonus to Intimidate, but I've never seen a firearm deal anything but lethal damage before (except if it was a rubber bullet, but I assume warning shot doesn't turn your bullets into rubber).

    Also, for Thundering Dragon, this seems a little over the top... For a low-fantasy setting, it seems pretty fantastic that I can scream while shooting my gun and not only deal damage to someone, but also make them deaf.

  3. -I was ballparking the weight. I couldn't find a reliable weight for anything. I was also including the materials needed for it (powder horn, ram-rod, ect) Thanks for the clean up I'll adjust it right away! :D

    -I adjusted the 19-20 crit range to 20 on the advice of Ben because no other weapon has a 19-20 crit. range AND a x4. This will hopefully make the "on critical" effect feats a bit more balanced (like Thundering Dragon).

    -The "Warning Shot" thing was going to be a way to deal non-lethal damage via intimidation. (Killing their will to fight) I didn't want make it similar to Peacemaker in regards to it's effect. I might adjust this to represent a shot being taken in a non-vital area or something. Either that or I might make something similar to "fowling arrows" for muskets. (Like "less-lethal" ammo)

    -The Thundering Dragon feat is not reflective of a the character yelling. It represents the gun's defining "ka-boom!". It was a slightly downgraded version of the "thundering" enchant. (Lower damage) It is slated to be a later in the game feat (above 10th level) to make them scary as hell on a critical hit. I just reduced the "permanently deafened" to a 1d4 days one so players that go up against an NPC with this won't be permanently messed up.

    Thanks for the feedback!