Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sentai Team Member Design Notes

Sentai Team Member

I was inspired (quite comically) when reading Besm's d20 anime (revised edition). I've had it for a while and it's been sitting in my car for some reason. Here is my design notes on my own “Sentai Team Member” class XD (VERY Tv the RPG if you know about that :D )

-Gains power based on the number of other Sentai Team members there are around them. +1 to all saves, +1 to Charisma for each member around them within 5feet times Sentai level.

-“Aid Another” for other Sentai Team Members give a +4 bonus instead of a +2. At 10th level this becomes a +6. At 15th a +8 and a +10 a 20th.

-Can discern the location of other team members at will. General direction.

-When a teammate takes damage they are aware of their exact location.

(So long as they are within 50feet x Sentai Member level)

-Smite Evil

-Treat a certain piece of armor as your “costume”. This armor can be dawned or removed as a swift action.

-You gain a magical weapon that increases in power as you level up. 5th level it is a +1 weapon (or +1 to the bonus), 10th a +2, 15th it becomes a +3, and at 20th level it becomes a +4 (or +4 to the bonus).

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