Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Aberrant Template

Aberrant Creatures

What is an aberrant? Aberrant creatures dwell past the eons that lie between the stars, beyond the planes as we know them, nestled in far realms beyond our very imagining. Some know them as the realms of insanity due to their bizarre and seemingly unnaturalness, but others simple call them “The Far Realms”. When summoned to the Material Plane aberrant creatures often take the form of, and emulate the abilities of familiar creatures, though they are more gruesome in appearance than their earthly counterparts. Alternatively, they may appear in a manner more consistent with their origins: a mass of writhing tentacles is a favorite, although other terrible forms are always possible.

Aberrant Template

A aberrant creature uses all the base creatures statistics and special abilities except as noted below. The creature's type changes to “Outsider”.

Special Attacks:
The creature retains all it's special attacks and also gains the following:

True Strike (Su)

Once per day, the creature can make a single normal attack with a +20 insight modifier on a single attack roll. The creature is not affected by the miss chance that applies to attacks made against a concealed target.

Special Qualities: The creature retains all it's special attacks and also gains the following:

Spell Resistance (Equal to the creature's HD + 10. If it has class levels that changes to Character Level + 10.)

Unusual Anatomy (Immunity to critical hits and sneak attack damage dealt from non aberrant creatures.)

Blindsight (60 foot range)

Damage Reduction 5/-

Alternate Form (Su): At will an aberrant creature can take on the form of a grotesque, tentacle mass (or other appropriately gruesome form determined by the GM), but all it's abilities remain unchanged despite the alien appearance. Changing shape is a standard action. Other creatures receive a -1 moral penalty ti their attack roll made against aberrant creatures in this alternate form.

Saves: Same as base creature.

Abilities: Same as base creature but Intelligence is at least 3.

Skills: Same as base creature.

Feats: Same as base creature.

Climate/Terrain: They are native denizens of the Far Planes, though their somewhat adaptive biology allows them to call almost any place home.

Organization: Same as base creature.

Challenge Rating: +1-+2*

Treasure: Same as base creature.

Alignment: Same as base creature.

Advancement: Same as base creature.

*Design Note: Lower level they are much more of a challenge due to DR & Immunity to crit/sneak attack.

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