Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Character Class Concept: Observer

Character Class Concept: Observer/ Oracle/ Hacker/ Patron/ King

Role: Support

Description: An observer's role is that of a pure support/facilitator role. While only represented by a floating avatar that follows one character, they provide a bird's eye support role to the entire party. (Vision effected by fog of war) They would have no HP (or the ability to “die”) and only fail a mission if all members of the party dies. They have the ability to unlock different paths (outside that of the critical path) and close off others for the purposes of crowd control. (Example: Closing or opening security doors) Additionally, they can provide “drops” (a care package for the group the provides items) for players. (This would include healing items that the players run out of, ammo, or other consumables) While never able to DIFRECTLY influence a match (perhaps an occasional orbital bombardment), they would also be able to provide support in major fights with “reinforcements”. (Spawned allies) They would be the only one with a “mega map” (rather than just a minimap)

Examples in Media: Oracle (Batman)/ Deities/ Operator (Matrix)/ Otacon (Metal Gear Solid 2)


-Medical Aid (Care Package)

You can designated care packages as ammo drops.

-Ammo Drop (Care Package)

You can designated care packages as ammo drops.

-Automated Sentry Protocol

Your avatar is not just an casual observer anymore. It provides a floating base of fire that automatically targets enemies near by.

-Door Open/Close (“Hack”)

Open or close a path blocking element (“security door”, “gate”, “force-field”). This has a 1 min cooldown.

Game Type: Multiplayer RPG, MMORPG, Multiplayer FPS (Online)

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