Monday, April 12, 2010

Analysis of Pathfinder Character Class Statistics

So! When I was going over the info for the “Low Fantasy” setting of Pathfinder's single customizable character class concept I did some analysis of what appeared in the classes progression wise.

These are just sheer numbers and it should be noted that a lot of this is my own chicken-scratch in a excel-like program. (Open Office's “Calc”) Some of the data recorded is totally useless but useless data sometimes stimulates my brain when I'm brainstorming.


  1. Oh photobucket... you kill my quality XD

  2. Also of note was that there where 3 character classes that had full progression (maxing at 20), 5 that had medium progression (maxing at 15), and only 2 that had low progression (ending at 10). The two with low progression where Wizard and Sorcerer.