Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Da Bomb

(This was an assignment from one of my Game classes)

Lateral Thinking/Spatial Awareness

Using his years of hacking experience, MacGyver’s episodic assistant is forced to try to make his way into a mainframe to get the codes before the malicious hacker does!

-The players want to be the first to enter the mainframe (by touching the north, east, or west, side of a hex map) while still playing within their time limit.

-Hex Map (40x22)
-100 Tokens per player
-100 Blocker tokens
-1 Six-sided dice
-1 Starter Token

A token is placed in the center of the bottom most row of hexes to start with. This is the “point of origin”.
At the start of each turn a player first places a “blocker” token adjacent to any occupied hex. (So long as it is not adjacent to 2 other occupied hexes). (To represent the defensive measures taken to prevent the other hacker from getting in first!)This is excluded on the fist turn of play.
On their turn, a player rolls a six sided dice to determine the number of tokens they can put down (to represent how far they successfully penetrated the system!). So long as they are not in a hex adjacent to 2 other occupied hexes, they can be placed anywhere so long as they are adjacent to one another.
A player can start placing them anywhere so long as the first token placed is adjacent to another token.
The players alternate turns until either the 15 minuet timer runs out (resulting in a draw), a player can’t make a move (the other one wins), or a player reaches one of the other edge of the map.

-You MUST put down all the tokens you rolled.
-You MUST place a Blocker token each turn.
-You can’t place a token in a hex adjacent to 2 other occupied hexes.
-The younger player goes first.

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