Monday, November 2, 2009

Plot Hook

All Things Start Somewhere...
They say an artist should practice several hours a day every day so on this site that's what I plan to do. In the twisted bowels, hidden away in this little corner of the internet you will find my freak game gallery where I attempt to put up a game-a-week.

The PC's Hook
I LOOOOVE game mechanics.
I LOVE balance.
I LOVE the stench of min-maxing in the morning.
I LOVE hybridizing roles.
I LOVE taking a new take on an old concept. (Screw HP...)
I LOVE watching people play the games I make and smile.
I LOVE it even more when they don't notice a mechanic or a little bit of balance or it just flows so naturally that it is just "assumed".

That being said, I try to work as much as an artist every week to put out SOMETHING. Consider this little fragment of webspace my gallery. Every week I will put out something. In general this will be SOME form of game. It could be a design doc for a mechanics system. It could be some interesting new take on a situation utilizing Lore. Hell, once I sink my teeth into it, I might even put out an entire game systems!

Additionally I've played WAY to many games. WAY to many...
Questions, comments, flame wars, whatever... they are all welcome here so long as it's civil.

You seem to be a trustworthy fellow...
Well, I do happen to be a trustworthy and roguishly handsome fellow... but I am also currently a junior (ish) at the University of Advancing Technology in sunny Tempe Arizona and enrolled in their Game Design major. I have over 5 years DMing experience in various systems (including some of my own) and my passion is in game mechanics. I have lead various projects at my school (with various degrees of success...) and enjoy talking shop whenever possible.

Happy Gaming!

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